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IEAC is a non-governmental organization working in close collaboration

with UNESCO and Princeton University to:

Organize a global research in hydrology and climate monitoring bringing together scientist and experts from around the world to adapt and mitigate  water and climate risks.

IAEC works across the world in collaboration with governments, NGOs, and research organisations on research and applications around climate and water risks. 

We bring together academics, researchers, practitioners and decision makers to use the latest science to improve our understanding, decision making and policy around risks.

IAEC gives technical support to governments in assessing climate finance and advice in reaching climate change goals in National Determined. Contributions towards Paris agreement. 

Provide  population with safe drinking water and  diminish  water stress.

Address depletion of freshwater.

Ensure food security by Regulation of farming and food systems threatened by water shortages.

Mitigate  climate change and its consequences in hydrological extremes : floods and droughts. 

The International Environmental and Climate Institute aims to help 

developing countries , Notably LDC's , that, despite all their efforts, lack financial, human, and technological resources to address current global changes challenges.

At IEAC, we strongly believe  that collaboration between governments, private.

Sector, researchers, Academia  and financial institutions is  a key of achievement of sustainable environment and to meet Sustainable Development Goals to save our planet.

These joint efforts to meet environmental and human challenges requires huge investments. 

Lastly, diplomacy can foster changes, as it's a key way to create links between finding institutions and governments. 

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IEAC is a real driving force. On top of leveraging our scientific expertise,

we operate in various fields:

We have longue expérience in building relationships between

governments, the scientific community, the public sector  and financial institutions.

With our close link with UNESCO and academia we bring forward new technologies that are necessary  for protecting environment and for sustainable  development.

We support  governments in the development and implementation of their environmental and social policies. 

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

— Loren Eiseley

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